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Raul Baez is known as one of the most famous motivational authors, among other inspirational authors and their works.

As of April 25, 2023, Raul will be celebrating seventeen years of sobriety, and he will also be celebrating thirteen years home from prison on August 27th. Moreover, he will celebrate his third wedding anniversary with his wife Odalys this year as well. Raul and his family are currently living in Rhode Island in a house they purchased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, Raul and his wife are actively submerged in their church with Music Ministry and Children’s Ministry. He is conducting Prison Ministry in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and feels blessed to work with high school seniors, teaching financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and life skills workshops in both states as well.

Raul has an incredible balance spiritually, in his family, and by servicing others. Mentally, he does struggle with triggers, but consciously and actively, he resorts to his methodical systems of keeping him focused so as not to get stuck there. His thinking determines what he does, when he’s going to do it, and who he is going to do it with. He believes that he must continue to work on the principles and strategies for his continued success in every area of his life. Raul says that he will die with the ideology of setting his thoughts free in ministry, living, and being fully present with the important people in his life, leaving a meaningful legacy for his children and grandchildren. That is his definition of success.

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